The Attorneys

Ding Jiaxi 丁家喜 is a Chinese lawyer, he is a member of the New Citizens Movement in China. He called for the disclosure of government officials assets by giving public speech and spreading banners Beijing and he was then charged with the crime of “disrupting public order”.

Photo of lawyer Ding Jiaxi

Photo of lawyer
Ding Jiaxi

On April 6, the trial day of Ding Jiaxi in Beijing, Wang Quanping 王全平, a Guangdong lawyer drove to Beijijng to support the Lawyer Ding Jiaxi. Wang painted some sarcastic words on his car: Ridiculous if guilty to ask government officials to disclose assets? We welcome people to disclose their assets, no need for public servants. Please, public servants, do not disclose your assets.

People, please disclose your assets. Public servants, please not disclose.

People, please disclose your assets.
Public servants, please not disclose.

Around 4pm on 8 April, Lawyer Wang arrived the Beijing Haidian District Court and planned to listen to the trial, but he was taken away by some unidentified people, and then was cut off contact with his family and friends. Until the afternoon of 10 April, the outside world was informed that lawyer Wang Quanping was detained under the crime of “causing disturbance”. So in China, no matter to ask government officials to disclose assets or not to disclose assets, both can constitute “crimes”.

The detention of lawyer Wang Quanping caused anger and support among Chinese laywers. Many lawerys started their campains “Do you want to defend for the dignity of Constitution and law? Do you want to defend for lawyer Wang Quanping?” There have been already over one hundred lawyers who participated in defending for Wang Quanping. (In Chinese)

Lawyer Liu Weiguo 刘卫国 from Shandong province said, Wang Quanping asked government officials “NOT to” disclose assets, and ended up in detention. So fearful, I have then to act the opposite, for the sake of safety, I have to act the opposite: Please disclose your assets government officials! This shall not be wrong …

Yang Xulin 杨学林, a Beijing lawyer stated, I rarely participated in signature campaigns after the trouble caused by signing for the direct election of Law Association in 2008. However Wang Quanping was detained just for putting a few words of assets disclosure on his car, I cannot remain silent. Wang is also my friend, I am willing to defend for him.
The director of a law firm in Sichuan, Liao Rui 廖睿 said, if punishing one for asking government officials to disclose assets, this judicial system would only be savage and dirty. In any civilized society, in any rule of law country, it is a huge scandal, it is an insult of human civilization and humanity, it is anti-civilization and contrary to rule of law.

Lawer Yang Jinzhu 杨金柱 wrote on his blog (in Chinese): yangjinzhu blog

After carefully examining the case, I believe that lawyer Wang Quanping did not commit any crime!
In light of the situation that: public authorities have recently repressed Chinese lawyers to a wider scope, and with more severe methods; in light of the situation that Internet fifty-cents party uses “Cultural Revolution” style words to defame and attack human rights lawyers; judicial system and Lawyers Association are not protecting lawyers’ legal rights and interests; my just watching the Korean movie “The Attorney” that 99 out of 142 lawyers in Busan Korea took the risk and defended their colleague lawyer Song Woo-seok, in order to not let our Korean colleagues despise Chinese lawyers, in order not to let us also be put into the high walls someday; Yang Jinzhu proposed:

Chinese lawyers shall try their best to form a thousand lawyers team and defend for lawyer Wang Quanping. I volunteer to be the head of this team, and lead 1000 lawyers to Beijing!

You cannot take all Chinese lawyers!

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