Those Beautiful Flowers

Ai Weiwei flowers
艾未未 Ai Weiwei ‏@aiww 7h
Ai Weiwei ‏@aiww 7h
Since Nov 30, 2013, each morning, I put a bundle of flowers in my bike basket out of my studio at Caochangdi No.258, until I gain my right to travel freely. The 62th day, January 30, 2014.

Today is the Chinese New Year, or, Spring Festival in China. Families stay together, eat jiaozi, greet each other happy new year, celebrating the coming of spring. Alas, being detained or imprisoned for their different opinions, for their endeavor to change the country for a better place, there are so many even cannot see their loved ones. In January 2014 alone, prisoners of conscience in China were added by at least 25 people, noted by one Chinese activist on twitter.

北风(温云超, Yunchao Wen) ‏@wenyunchao Jan 28这个月至少又刑拘了25个良心犯: 伊力哈木•土赫提、王晓平、沈剑峰、谈明其、袁荣明、周金材、罗显慧、吴云瑞、戊秀英、惠顺英、陈惠瑛、巢卫成、陈华香、王美莉、迟银波、 徐永海、杨靖、徐彩虹、于艳华、杨秋雨、杨敏、居小玲、吕动力、王素娥、王春艳、康素萍、张海彦、孙峰。

This month, at least 25 more became prisoners of conscience and were detained: Ilham Tohti, Wang Xiaoping, Shen Jianfeng, Tan Mingqi, Yuan Rongming, Zhou Jincai, Luo Xianhui, Wu Yuduan, Wu Xiuying, Hui Shunying, Chen Huiying, Chao Weicheng, Chen Huanxiang, Wang Meili, Chi Yinbo, Xu Yonghai, Yang Jing, Xu Caihong, Yu Yanhuan, Yang Qiuyu, Yang Min, Ju Xiaoling, Lu Dongli, Wang Su’e, Wang Chunyan, Kang Suping, Zhang Haiyan, Sun Feng.

Not mentioning the recent judgment of sentencing Xu Zhiyong to four years’ imprisonment for organizing the New Citizen Movement, and Guo Feixiong waiting to be tried in Guangzhou, the others who have spent years of Spring Festivals in the cold prison cells, Liu Xiaobo, Gao Zhisheng, Guo Quan, and many many others … There are also others whose freedom is restrained because they will never give up their own thoughts, such as Ai Weiwei, Hu Jia, Tsering Woeser …

The most beautiful flowers of freedom, you are the hope in these dark and cold winter days. We wish you a happy Chinese New Year from the deepest of our hearts.

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