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Those Beautiful Flowers

艾未未 Ai Weiwei ‏@aiww 7h 从2013年11月30日开始,每天早晨,我在草场地258号工作室门外的自行车车篮中放置一束鲜花,直至我恢复自由旅行的权利。第62天,2014年1月30日。 Ai Weiwei ‏@aiww 7h Since Nov 30, 2013, each morning, I put a bundle of flowers in my bike basket out of my studio at Caochangdi No.258, until I gain my right to travel … Continue reading

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My Professor Ilham Tohti

In the afternoon on January 15, 2014, China’s Minzu University Uighur scholar Ilham Tohti was taken from his home in Beijing by the police. His home was also ransacked twice. His whereabouts are unknown to this day. Authorities have also … Continue reading

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