The Death of a Soldier and the Protest in Taiwan

Taiwan Aug 3 2013TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) – Tens of thousands of Taiwanese gathered in downtown Taipei on Saturday, August 3, to protest the death of a 24-year old soldierHung Chung-chiu confined to a brig as punishment for bringing an unauthorised cellphone onto his base.

On Sina weibo, the Chinese microblog, netizens in mainland China are also discussing the large-scale demonstration in Taiwan.


一个违规胖子士兵被关禁闭热衰竭死亡。军方没完没了地向社会各界道歉,自国防部长往下撤了一堆将校,责任士官公开下跪,还可能被判无期,国家赔偿可能达2千多万人民币。然而人们依旧不依不饶的发起游 行。这就是与我们同种同族的台湾,一人蒙冤,所有人都无尊严。公民社会是争取来的,而不是跪出来的。

@Lin Ping in Japan

A soldier under disciplinary punishment died due to sweltering heat in confinement. The military authority apologies to the public endlessly, many high-ranking officers were dismissed off their positions, and responsible officer and soldier knelt down in public and with possible life sentence of imprisonment, state compensation could be more than 20,000,000 Chinese Yuan. However, people still do not forgive the wrong-doing and launch the demonstration. This is Taiwan, of the same ethnicity with us. One is treated wrongly; the whole nation has no dignity. Civil society is achieved by fighting for it, but not kneeling.


@Photographer Wang Lin

Compared to Taiwan, the melon-peddler’s miserable death, was only fought by his families, many people were just standbys.  When disaster falls upon them, they have to kneel down and beg for mercy. How long we need to wait to wake up the citizen consciousness in this land?



Human Rights: In Taiwan, one soldier died, 200,000 went to street. The President apologizes, and the Minister of Defense requested for resignation, and all levels of officers were criticized. This is human right, to respect life and dignity. If this is what you call chaos, then let this chaos come more violently. Two systems, one nation, why their life is so valuable, and dignity so high? And our people live in humiliation?

@律师王朝峄: 辽宁火灾没人辞职,湖南瓜农事件没领导辞职,云南巧家局长不辞职;台湾一个人命却让防长辞职。这就是"一国两制"。

@Lawyer Wang Chaoyi

Nobody resigned for the great fire in Liangning, nobody resigned for the death of a melon peddler in Hunan, nobody resigned for Yunnan explosion; the Minister of Defense requested for resignation for the death of one soldier. This is “one country two systems”.


@He Bing: It reminds me of the dead melon peddler.

@每周评论   taiwan Aug 3 2


@Weekly critic

Taiwan: 200,000 participants, wearing white tops , sit on street in front of the presidential  office in Taipei city, supporting Hong family to demand truth from the government.  A soldier died unexpectedly, Ma Yingjiu (the president of Taiwan) personally apologized to his family, grant honor medal and make compensation. However, the public still do not forgive. They believe that today if a child of other family get mistreated, tomorrow, their children will encounter it too. ─ This is what we need to be a citizen.

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