What has she done? About Wu Hongfei

Chinese police have detained Wu Hongfei (吴虹飞), an activist singer after she wrote that she wanted to blow up a government agency seen as inept.  According to the Chinese news, it is possible that she will be charged with the crime of disrupting social order and could be possibly sentenced for five years imprisonment if convicted.

profile photo of Wu Hongfei on Sina Weibo

profile photo of Wu Hongfei on Sina Weibo

What has she really done?

Like many netizens in China, she uses sina weibo, a Chinese microblog.  She writes there often, about music, life and love, and also about some social issues.

The following are some of the other posts she wrote on  July 21, 2013 when she wrote that she would bomb a government agency office because those there were bad people (she soon deleted this post).


[about Ji Zhongxing who ignited explosives at Beijing airport due to being ill-treated and with no access to justice for years] If he is a thug, I wish this government would pay for the bill for him. I am not encouraging violence, but I extremely hate the system that pushes innocent people to violence. Justice is everyone’s reasonable appeal.


For me, weakness, fear, imperfectness, even ambiguity or failings to convey the idea, are all part of music. Music is the closest to our nature. Music does not need analysis; we can even give up expressing ourselves.


The people that I want to blow up shall be made into a list. Since I do not have a good memory, and there are too many to be on the list, so gradually I just give up, and start to forget there was crime in this world. I give my thanks to all the evil people in this world, that you have been too many and have done too many evil deeds for me to remember.


I told the one I have loved for so many years, when I love you, love already disappeared many years ago. Because of the disappearance, I do not feel interested in the present world any more. I am only interested in the lost one─in other words, I wish I could live in the past for ever and do not have concerns for any current problems. The time machine is meaningless for me. To live is just to live onward, I will not bomb any airport, I will not petition, I will not express any desires.


Nobody understands the universe, nobody can understand human being, and nobody can understand the creation of time and emotion. I am walking on the path of life, completely, honestly, expressing my weakness, being different, and stubborn love. A pessimistic and romantic person, this means she probably will gain nothing in this world. A bit of friendship, a bit of warmth, a glimpse in the darkness, makes me cry and sleepless. Born an emotional person am I ─who else can expect the death of love and the stars?


Sleepless at night, get up and read poems.


Midnight 1am, shopping on Amazon, mostly buy poems, and science fiction. My reading interest is incomparably simple.


I will not safeguard my own rights, I stay at home, is this ok?

She has been singing. She is the singer of the band ‘Happy Avenue’. She sings for love.

Tshangs dbyangs Rgya mtsho, love song

She sings beautifully, and also sadly. She writes a song, the Cold Weapon and sings for Tan Zuoren, a Chinese writer who was in prison for his investigation of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake and his writings about June 4th, 1989.

                            冷兵器 Cold Weapon

当尸骸遍野  你向人世间低头





你象三十年前新鲜的革命口号在世界每一个隐秘的角落游荡如果我们在世上继续醉生梦死  这是否会让你感到孤独

When dead bodies scatter all over the fields, you bow your head to the world.You are never an enemy of the state, but just a prisoner.

When the young souls wander at midnight, when your tired wife cannot touch your body, in this freezing cold world, how can you surpass the wall of death and life?

This is the best age, who can stop your freedom? Can you raise your head and see, the sun is so sadly bright.

Reaching out our humble hands to the world, we bow deeply to the world. This is our silent pray that you will have the freedom to walk through the night.

You are like the fresh revolution slogan thirty years ago, wandering around all the hidden corners in this world. If we continue to be living in dreams, will this make you feel lonely?

She writes not only songs, she also writes poems, essays (in Chinese) and reports.  In 2011, she expressed her support to Ai Weiwei when he was under the 81 days detention. And because of this, her band was not allowed to perform. In 2012, she was in Stockholm together with Chinese dissident writer Liao Yiwu and artist Meng Huang, protesting against the granting of the Nobel Literature Prize to Mo Yan.

She is a singer, a poet, a writer, she is a person who knows love and hate, and who dares to speak it out.

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2 Responses to What has she done? About Wu Hongfei

  1. Wu Hongfei will be released on August 2.

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