Sending Anni back to School

AnniZHANG Anni ((张安妮) is a ten years old girl Anhui Province China. Anni has been abridged her right to education for more than one month due to her father’s activism in China. Anni’s dad is ZHANG Lin, a nuclear physicist graduated from Tsinghua-University, and a veteran dissident who has served three prison terms since the 1980s, totaling 13 years, for his writings calling for democracy and human rights in China. 

In March 2013, when China had its two big conferences—the National People’s Congress (NPC) and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), and around the two conferences period, many dissidents citizens were under strict surveillance and house arrest.  In Hefei city, Anhui Province, Anni becomes the youngest citizen that was harassed during the two conferences period this year. On February 27, Anni was taken away by four men to the local police station from her school, while at the same time, her father was being investigated and their home being searched.  Anni was detained in the police station for 20 hours, including three and half hours with herself being alone. Later Anni and her father were forced to leave Hefei city and moved to Bangbu city.  But Anni wants to go back to Hefei city and attend Hupo Primary School.

The following is my translation following Anni’s father, Zhang Lin’s twitter since 27 Feb 2013.

张林 ‏@lin_lwy 27 Feb


[Ten year old kidnapped] I kept on remind them that my daughter finishes school at 3.40, I need to pick her up. Or it will be a humanity disaster. Hupo district police station sent four police and took my daughter away without my being present!  I was not allowed to see her.

张林 ‏@lin_lwy 27 Feb


[Hefei police illegally detain ten-year-old girl] My daughter Zhang Anni, was detained alone in the police station for 3.5 hours. This is crime. Not mentioning that she is innocent, even if she had committed crime, police does not have the right to detain her alone without allowing her guardians to accompany.

张林 ‏@lin_lwy 27 Feb


[Savage action stops a girl’s education] Zhang Anni already left Bangshan school and studies in Hupo school for three days. Just because Hefei security police despises the law and does not want me to stay in Hefei, they cruelly  take away a ten-year-old girl’s right to education.

张林 ‏@lin_lwy 1 Mar


[Experience of Anni] Around 3.35 in the afternoon of Feb 27, 2013, Anni, ten years old, was kidnapped by four stranger men and forcibly taken to Hupo police station, and put into detention.  She could not see either her father under detention at the same time or her sister who was waiting anxiously at home. Anni was detained for 20 hours.

张林 ‏@lin_lwy 1 Mar


[Experience of Anni] When Anni was two years old, I was the coordinator for organizing memorials for Zhao Ziyang‘ passing away.  When I was leaving home to Beijing, Anni stood at the door, looking uneasy, shouted at me, “Daddy, daddy!” Her voice sounded sad and screaming, trying to stop me.  Soon I got a five years imprisonment and her scream had been accompanying me for the every night after that.

Expand张林 ‏@lin_lwy 1 Mar


[Anni after release] For more than a day, Anni refused to eat four meals. She used to be very active and energetic and eat well. I am very worried, tried hard to persuade her to eat. I understand, the horrible experience has hurt her heart with serious and irreparable damage.

张林 ‏@lin_lwy 2 Mar


Anni! You are an angle between the heaven and earth! You are a wild rabbit in our human world! How could you know, you are the source of happiness of some people? What a lovely heart you have as a little girl! And you are only three! By poet Ouyang Xiaorong.

张林 ‏@lin_lwy 2 Mar


Anni stood on the road, looking into the end of the dark path. It seemed that she saw something appearing and disappearing. She stood there for a few seconds, with the deepest uncertainty and deepest expectation, gazing into the very depth of the darkness. Suddenly, she uttered, in a slight and unbelieving sound, “Dad!” I fought back my tears and shivered beside her. – Ouyang Xiaorong

张林 ‏@lin_lwy 2 Mar


[Brave Anni] Since two years old, Anni started to visit me regularly in Anhui Tongling Prison. She also experienced many times of police or plain coats searching our home.  Once, Anni’s mother was so angry that she took out a knife to defend our family, Anni was beside her.

张林 ‏@lin_lwy 2 Mar


Anni is not only the extension of my life, she is also the song of my soul. She is always healthy, happy, energetic, and loving life. Even if I only buy a few cheapest oranges back home, she always expresses with surprise and happiness,” Oh, thanks, dad!” How can the security police kidnap such a lovely girl.

张林 ‏@lin_lwy 3 Mar


In order to drive Anni out of Hupo school, security police also threatened the principal and teachers of the school. They asked the teachers to stop my daughter’s education by finding some excuses. The principal was so scared and even cried. A few other teachers pleaded me to take my daughter out of Hupo school and they even dared not to go back home for dinner before 8pm.

张林 ‏@lin_lwy 8 Mar


[kidnapping of Anni] it has been ten days, Anni is still afraid to see strangers. She doesnot want to go out, get up or talk to people. I want to take her to see a psychiatrist, but I am also afraid that this will cause more trouble. Anni lost her school, and we become homeless. Each day, for us, is an invisible knife cut.

张林 ‏@lin_lwy 12 Mar

蚌埠国保对安妮失学确实担忧,急急忙忙找了蚌山小学,但是一个班有50学生,而合肥琥珀小学四年级只有20多人。安妮不愿意去蚌山小学,等着回到琥珀小学。特别需要澄清的是:不是我不愿意。@MerlotN @64115

Security police also concern for Anni’s no schooling, and hastily found Bangshan school for Anni. However, there are about 50 students in Bangshan school in Bangbu while there are only 20 in Hupo school in Hefei. Anni does not want to go to Bangshan school, she wants to go to Hupo school.

张林 ‏@lin_lwy 13 Mar

安妮想要上的琥珀小学,距姐姐读的安徽农业大学,仅仅隔一条马路。我因为颈椎病,经常需要卧床休息几天,不能做家务,姐姐可以照料她。@liumangyan @MerlotN @duyanpili @64115

Anni wants to go to Hupo school, which is opposite to Anhui Agricultural University where her sister studies. I have cervical spondylitis and sometimes cannot do housework. Her sister can take care of her.

张林 ‏@lin_lwy 13 Mar

我已经离婚两年。安妮妈妈受不了长年累月的监控,患了恐惧症,只想不受监控地生活。@GongpigYgyg1976 兄,淡定淡定啊,安妮妈妈呢?

I have divorced for two years. Anni’s mother could not stand the life of being monitored days and nights, and got scared and wanted to live a life without being monitored.

张林 ‏@lin_lwy 19 Mar


[Anni’s kidnapping] Anni was driven out of home and school for 21 days. She is innocent. Just because her dad is a defender of conscience, she is punished and detained illegally by Miao Shoubao, and her right to education was abridged.

张林 ‏@lin_lwy 21 Mar


I will go to Anui Bangbu People’s Procuratorate to report Miao Shoubao for kidnapping child Zhang Anni. Miao is still in his position and the victim is homeless and cannot go back to school.

张林 ‏@lin_lwy 31 Mar


Since we have been driven out of our home in Hefei, Anni has not went to school for more than one month.  The following is a video about Anni shot by Women’s Rights in China.

张林 ‏@lin_lwy 4 Apr

网友“送张安妮回琥珀小学上学”的活动,将于4月7号上午11点在安徽省合肥市琥珀山庄派出所对面的老六龙虾馆举行。届时欢迎各地网友前来参加。中午聚餐费用AA制。  联系人:周维林189-1961-7417,柴宝文183-2619-8679。

Netizens ‘sending Anni back to Hupo school’ gathering will start at 11am April 7, 2013, in Laoliu restaurant opposite to Hupo police station. All netizens are welcomed.

张林 ‏@lin_lwy 4 Apr


Anni kidnapping case Lawyers support team announces:  a few lawyers,  namely Wang Quanzhang, Xiao Guozhen, Han Qingfang were stopped (by police); others, including  Wang Jun, Li Subin, Cheng Hai, Wu Tianhao, Zhao Yonglin, Jiang Tianyong, and citizen representative Tian Li and Women’s Rights in China volunteer Su Changlan, arrived Hefei on April 6.

张林 ‏@lin_lwy 5 Apr


We will go to Hefei in the afternoon, accompanied by netizens, to meet the lawyers. We will go back to Hupo school on April 7th and try our best to send Anni back to school.

公民小彪 ‏@oubiaofeng 2h 7 April 2013

收到@tjitian 短信:#张林父女律师团 于中午赶到蚌埠,接到了张林 @lin_lwy 父女,并与来自各省的30多个网友聚餐,大家热情高涨,纷纷发表对警方非法拘禁张林父女的见解。律师团和张林谢谢大家的关注和支持,请广发微博!

Citizen Xiaobiao ‏@oubiaofeng

I received message from @tjitian, lawyers met Zhanglin and Anni in Bangbu. Together with about 30 netizens from other places of China, we have meal together and express opinion about the detention of Zhang Lin and Anni. The lawyers’ team and Zhang Lin thanks for all’s concern and support, please help to let more know this!

The following is updated by weiquanwang (in Chinese): April 8, 2013

Around 7.40 am, April 8th, accompanied by lawyers, Women’s Rights in China voluteer, and other activists and netizens, Zhang Lin and Zhang Anni went to Hupo Primary School. There were three school employees stopped them on the school gate. After some communications, the principal appeared and refused Anni’s returning to the school, explaining that since Anni was taken away by police, which caused uncomfortable feelings to other students. Therefore in order to maintain campus peace, in order to make other students free from being intimidated, unless the related agencies make a gurantee to the school that such incidence will not happen in the future, the school cannot let Anni study there.

updated 11 April 2013

Anni is still not allowed to be back to school.

許暉@yangpigui 33m  11 April 2013

RT @dad006 绝食交接中!刘卫国结束了24小时绝食,李化平、辛巴开始了24小时,明天还有别人接力。我们共同的目标:让小安妮上学

anni diaryHunger strike goes on to support Anni’s going back to school. Lawyer Liu Weiguo just stopped his 24 hours hunger strike. Li Huaping and Xin ba will continue for another 24 hours. There will be others to continue tomorrow. Our common aim: Anni go back school!
The photo on the left  is Anni and lawyer Liu Weiguo, holding the book The Diary of Anne Frank, (Anne, in Chinese translation, writes/pronouces the same as Anni’s name) given to Anni by city residents, showing their support.
The following is the recent update by lawyer Liu Xiaoyuan 刘晓原律师 @liu_xiaoyuan on twitter
15 April 2013


I arrived Hefei around noon and went to Hupo primary school. The school already accepted Anni and also took the tuition fee from her parent, why refused to take her to class now? What the school and the education authority did violates the  Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of Minors, and the Compulsory Education Law. It violates Anni’s right to education. The issue has already aroused public concern, why the education authority does not take measures to solve it?

刘晓原律师 @liu_xiaoyuan 16 April 2013


The situation is changing. Supporters of Anni’s going to school are taken away, I cannot get in touch with them now.


Zhang Lin and Anni were sent back to Bangbu City by force. Zhang Lin got some injuries in arms and feet. He said about hundred people, without showing their identities, took part in the action to disperse and take supporters away.  The whereabouts of supporters are unclear.

广州李小玲: 我6时35分到合肥,7时15分到酒店,约8点10分到现场,秀才等在现场,8时35分左右冲上来几十个便衣几十台车把我们全部押上不同的民用车,我被三个人押到胜利派出所,双手双脚被铐,至晚8时15分才放我出来,扣我理由聚众扰乱交通罪!

Li Xiaoling from Guangzhou: I arrived Hefei at 6.35, went to the hotel at 7.15. Xiucai was there. About 8.35, dozens of plain-coats came and took us all to different vans. I was taken to Shengli police station. I was cuffed both hands and feet, and was released at 8.15 pm. The reason of my detention is disrupting traffic order!


Chinese Dream: with up to hundreds plain-coats, without any legal procedure, taking more than twenty netizens away, and putting handcuffs and shackles on netizens, is this the so-called ‘rule of law’?

17 April 2013  @liu_xiaoyuan:  据悉,在合肥关注安妮失学的网友有周维林被行政拘留10天,姚诚被行政拘留15天,孙林被行政拘留10天,他的妻子高晓君已获释回到南京的家。柴文宝仍不知下落。

It is known now, among those netizens who are in Hefei supporting Anni,  Zhou Weilin is imposed 10 days administrative detaintion, Yao Cheng 15 days, Sun Lin 10 days. Sun’s wife Gao Xiaojun is released and back to home in Nanjing. The whereabout of Chai Wenbao is still unknown.

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  1. updated 9 Sept 2013, according to Boxun, Anni is now in the United States. Anni’s getting the visa and going to America is organized and assisted by Women’s Rights in China, and Women’s Rights without Frontiers.

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