XU Zhiyong & Equal Right to Education

On February 26,  XU Zhiyong, handed out leaflets at Beijing Metro, calling citizens to gather together at the Beijing Education Bureau on Feb 28, 2013, to campaign for the equal right to education for migrant workers’ children  in Beijing.  large_phpqM9ayw

According to the Chinese Constitution, all citizens have the right and duty to education.  However, in Beijing, where millions of migrant workers work, their children do not have the right to take university entrance exams in Beijing, but in places where their hukou (house registration ) are. Children who follow their parents to Beijing have to return to their villages to take the exams, and where they have less chance of going to universities since most universities locate in big cities and set higher quota to admit local students.

There has been calling for reforming the university entry system that students shall have the right to take university entrance exams at the place of their study but not where their register hukou.  In more than 30 provinces in China, hukou is not a requirement for taking university entrance exam any more. However Beijing remains unchanged.

Xu’s campaign is to call for the separation of binding the university entrance exam with the hukou system. The following is some translation from twitter following what happened with him and the campaign.  

Feb 26, 2013

腾讯山姆哥: 许志永博士在地铁口发放卡片,邀请没有北京户籍的800万北京市民在2月28日请假一天前往北京市教委(北四环奥运大厦北门)请愿。#2.28请假一天#http://img.ly/sWVa

Tengxu (a Chinese microblog) Shanmuge: Dr XU Zhiyong hands out cards at the metro entry, invites 8 million residents living in Beijing but without Beijing  hukou  to ask for a one day leave on Feb 28 to petition at the Beijing City Education Bureau. #2.28 ASK FOR ONE DAY LEAVE


RT @shuazi1972:  @zhiyongxu :【正在发生的历史】如果不能走在最前面,请您跟着队伍,如果不愿跟着队伍,请您站在路边给我们鼓励,如果不愿站在街头,请您在网上帮我们呐喊,如果这些都做不到,请您默默闭上眼睛,为我们祈祷平安。等待我们抗争来的权益。

[History is happening] If you can not walk in front, please follow the team in procession; if you do not want to follow the team, please stand on the roadside and cheer for us; if you do not want to stand on the street, please shout for us on the Internet; if none of these you can do, please close your eyes and pray for our safety and wait for the rights that we have been struggling for.

Feb 27 , 2013



Just now, security police knocked my door and asked who handed the cards out. I did, sometimes helped by volunteers. Asked if I can cancel the ‘228 ASK FOR ONE DAY LEAVE’ activity. No, the more participants the better. The system of university entrance exam based on house registration must be abolished. I am willing to bear any cost for that.

佩利@paleylin RT @zhiyongxu: 楼道里几个便衣守着,三年来教育平权几乎每次重要活动我都会被非法限制人身自由,有几次还被绑架到宾馆,禁食最长超过50小时。今年5月,北京又会有数万初中孩子被迫离开父母成为留守儿童,他们的父母和我一起奋斗了三年!我们已经无路可退。

A few security polices were in our corridor. For three years, for each Equal Right to Education activity, I was abridged of my freedom, a few times was abducted to hotels, no food provided the longest time is more than 50 hours. In May this year, tens of thousands of middle school children will be forced to leave their parents and become  left-behind children. Their parents have been fighting together with me for three years. We have no way back.
滕彪@tengbiao 许志永博士刚刚被两名警察从北京家中带走。

Dr XU Zhiyong was taken away by two police officers from his Beijing home just now.

许志永 ‏@zhiyongxu


I am home now, another illegal restraint of my freedom. Because I handed out ‘little advertisement’ (campaign cards) and organizing ‘228 Ask for One Day Leave’. I proposed and organized it and I am willing to bear any legal responsibility  Thanks for all’s concern and support!

February 28, 2013

佩利@paleylin 杜国旺: 2013年2月28日下午13:56分,正在风中午餐的家长被强行带上两辆大巴,大约70名家长被拉到北京城建安装工程有限公司的食堂,林大北边,逸清南路。现每人身边有一位做笔录的警官。http://img.ly/t1ty  #北京228#

 Linguowang: Feb 28, 2013, at about 13:56, parents having lunch in open air, were taken away on two buses. About 70 parents were taken to a dining hall of Beijing City Construction Company, near the Forestry University on Yiqing South Road. Now each is accompanied by a police officer making written records. #Beijing228#
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