Chen Guangcheng Escapes out of House Arrest

Chen Guangcheng, the blind legal activist, is out of his ‘house arrest’ and at a safe place now, according to China Aid. (in Chinese) Chen Guangcheng was driven to Beijing on 22 April (Sunday) after evading his guards.

picture courtesy of Xiaoguoart (sina weibo)

According to CNN,

Chen, 40, had prepared for his escape for months, He Peirong said, by lying in bed for prolonged periods so that the guards wouldn’t be suspicious if they didn’t see any activity from him for a long time.

Once escaped, Chen asked He Peirong and a few other activists for help, according to He Peirong. They met him at a rendezvous point, and then drove him to Beijing and hid him in a safe house, she said.

In the following video recorded after Chen’s escape (with English subtitle), Chen said about his situation during the house arrest, the suffering his family endured, as well as expressed his concern towards Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao about three issues: to punish those who committed crime, to make sure his families will be safe, to punish the corruption according to law.

Chen also expressed his worries for his families in the video. He is afraid that while he is hiding free, his families will be harassed and beaten  by those who guard their house. Last night, 26 April 2012, security guards climbed over the walls to Chen’s brother’s house around 11pm. Chen Kegui, Chen Guangcheng’s nephew, heard the noise in his yard and went out to defend his family with knives and hurt a few guards. Chen  Kegui himself also got hurt and he called the local police for self-accusation.  Netizens have contacted Chen Kegui since the incident happened and are now calling for lawyers to provide legal aid to Chen Kegui.

A comprehensive update about recent events around Chen Guangcheng’s escape, his recent situation, the activists’ situation, can be read at China Digital Times.

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2 Responses to Chen Guangcheng Escapes out of House Arrest

  1. vs_us says:

    Chinese authorities should stop harassing activists and should respect chinese people’s human rights. There are so many other activists, human rights defenders, in China who suffer the same fate. Chen now seems to be safe under US protection:
    The Epoch Times has good coverage on China’s human rights issues

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